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New Mexico, aka Southeast California

February 16, 2019

Well, the democrats have only been in charge for a month or so, and they are going full-bore after our rights.  Your dirty commie Nancy Pelosi appointee of a governor will sign it all.

Here is an article about several bills advancing.  Also coming up are a ban on menthol cigarettes, raising the smoking age to 21, raising the car registration fee $15 to 57, depending on the version of the bill, private gun sales ban, and so much more.

How can people stand around and allow their rights to be taken?   It’s all being taken piecemeal by the government.

I can’t even stand to write more tonight.  I’m actually a bit nauseous.

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February 3, 2019

I keep hearing that well-behaved women rarely make history.  I wasn’t sure why that saying annoyed me until I really started to think about it.

What annoys me is that well-behaved ANYONE rarely makes history.  Well-behaved men rarely make history, either.  All of our historic figures have been people that have challenged the existing standards of politics, science or decency to make their mark in history.  THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEM MEMORABLE.

While you may think that screaming at men, sleeping with whomever, piercing your nose and shaving your head make you historic, you are wrong.  It just makes you angry and ugly.

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The Best a Man Can Get

January 25, 2019

By now, you’ve all heard all the hoopla about the Gillette commercial addressing “Toxic” masculinity.  If not, here’s the link.

Overall, I don’t have much of a problem with this commercial.  Overall, it’s stupid, but it doesn’t rank up there with the stupidest commercials I’ve seen.  It’s mediocre at best.

The whole purpose of this commercial is to try to be relevant again.  Gillette is getting its rear-end handed to it by Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club and other subscription-based services.  In a hail-Mary play, they released this virtue signaling commercial to get their name back out there again.

The biggest problem with videos like this is they prey on those who aren’t actually a problem.  they hope that at some point in your life, you have done these things (notice the mundane fight among siblings, the guy merely looking at an attractive woman) etc.  Then, you’ll feel guilty.   You, who worry about an unkind word to a kid in 4th grade, or the time you awkwardly asked a girl out, or catcalled or whatever.  In these videos, you are lumped with serial rapists.  You now keep your mouth shut.  You don’t require evidence to convict a man of a crime in fear of your own “dark secrets” coming to light.

You know what?  The fact of the matter is, you were never actually the problem.  Most people aren’t okay with bullying, actual harassment and so on.  But, when you get packaged with serial rapists, you get guilted into all sorts of things.  You draw attention away from your own minor mishaps (which you’ve now equivocated to rape) by condemning anyone accused of “toxic masculinity.”

In reality, Gillette is a sinking ship.  They know it.  If they gave a damn about actual women, they’d stop charging 2x as much for a pink razor marked “for women” as a black razor marked “for men”.

This video is irrelevant.  Don’t send it, don’t argue about it.  Let it die, along with Gillette.  There’s no need to protest or get angry.    It’s the last gasp of a failing company.  Let them flail about, blaming men for the problems of the world from the unemployment line.

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Disappointed in Trump

December 21, 2018

This has not been a good week for my opinion of our president. Overall, I tried to like the guy, or perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt.

First, he went ahead and banned bump stocks. I have no use for a bump stock, as it turns a lot of money into a lot of noise. However, I have a right to own one, as ridiculous as they are. Now, people have 90 days to destroy their property or turn them into police. Thanks, Trump.

Second, I hear that Mad Dog Mattis resigned today from his position as Secretary of Defense. I don’t know much about military strategy, but I do know that the man had been a Marine forever. I knew that every one of my military friends was glad to hear that he had this position. Now, he’s done. I don’t know who they could replace him with.

I’m actually worried that things are about to change for the worse.

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Rapists on Campus

December 1, 2018

I know we are supposed to believe women no matter what. That’s what we are told, and there’s an entire cultural movement around it.

I’ve recently come across an article that’s a little too close to home about a college student who has been accused of rape. The student was never convicted, but the article itself is a slash-job. I will not post the link because it may actually harm those involved if I forward these articles.

The article title reads ” Man Rapes Girl”. What image does that conjure up? Is it one of a pedophile convincing some young girl to get into his van? That’s what it sounds like. Reading the article, it states that the man gave the girl vodka, and when she was drunk and passed out, he raped her.

First, before I say more, I would like to state that if he actually raped her, then I hope he is punished severely. However, I take offense with several parts of this article and the way this case was handled.

The “Girl” was an 18 year old woman, not a child. The “man” was 19. Literally one year age difference. Not Man rapes girl, maybe man rapes woman.

Also, at 18, you can decide whether or not to drink vodka. Not legally, of course, but you are mentally aware of alcohol. He didn’t “give her” alcohol to take advantage of her, unless he spiked a drink so that she was not aware of what she was consuming. Her willingly drinking vodka is not his fault.

His photo, name, major and high school are prominently displayed on the website. If you Google his name, all that appears is his photo with the caption “…Man rapes girl”.

This student ended up leaving the university over it.

If he did actually rape her, then I hope they throw the book at him. However, this crappy reporting has the chance of ruining his life when he has not even been convicted of a crime.

I don’t know how to handle this other than hope the trial works out some of the details. If he is a rapist, I hope they ruin his life. If two teenagers got drunk and she regrets it the next day, it’s not rape, and you shouldn’t ruin someone’s life over it.

In this day where a woman can say “I was raped”, we apparently can make a person disappear from any professional life, without trial or evidence. This is truly scary.

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Immigration and Isolation

November 25, 2018

I don’t feel like going into a lot of detail on this topic.  I think I’ve beat immigration enough on this blog.  However, I do find it interesting that the same people who call Trump a racist for limiting immigration are the same ones that mock a dead missionary for trying to convert an isolated tribe in the Indian Ocean.

CNN has this article about the missionary.  For those who find this article too long, a Christian missionary attempts to enter a remote island in the Indian Ocean.  He was rejected once or twice, and then the islanders killed him.  The rest of the world seems to mock him, saying that’s what he gets for trying to enter the island.

Yet, those same people complain about limiting immigration into this country.

One person tries to enter a country illegally and is killed.  The press praises the country’s actions.  Many people try to enter a country illegally and are stopped and investigated.  The press calls everyone involved a racist xenophobe.

I don’t understand what is different.

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November 4, 2018

Today, I exercised my right and voted here in New Mexico.  I can’t say I voted straight ticket, as there were several folks that ran unopposed, and there were a number of Libertarians on the ballot that I liked.

I can’t wait for election season to be over, even though I know we’ll just go into another one. YouTube does not know me very well, as it keeps showing me anti-gun ads.  All of these ads are the same:  elect Republicans, and you will get shot, elect Democrats and the day will be saved.  I wonder if these shootings would be because of the Antifa riots, butt-hurt leftists, or because Alec Baldwin’s parking spot was taken?

If the Republicans win in this election, I bet we lose 2020.  Well, maybe.  Right now, we have no real competitor.

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Rape and Rape Statistics

September 30, 2018

I keep seeing this graphic about rape statistics on Facebook.  The graphic is meant to show how few rapists actually spend time in jail, and why this might be a barrier to reporting rape.  It also shows how few people are “falsely accused” of rape.  The graphic originated at The Enliven Project, and was clearly well-intentioned.  It is shown below:

rape graphic

However, there are some real problems with this graphic, and the fact that I am seeing it everywhere is a bit unfortunate.   I have made my own, altered version of this graphic.  While mine is not based on any hard data, some components of the one above are not, either, so mine is at least as plausible as the original.

altered graphic

  1.  The obvious first attention-getter is the number of unreported rapes.  Most of this graphic is based on police reports and court data.  However, there is no objective way to report on rapes that were never reported!  Instead, the authors resort to survey data.  The authors admit that this includes sexual assault, which can be anything from rape to a catcall, depending on the local and state laws.  I don’t know if any of these include “morning after” regrets, where two people get smashed and hook up, but then one gets considered a rapist and the other a victim, regardless of how things went down.
  2. Next, the “reported” category is difficult.  These are instances where a rape was reported, but no arrest was made.  This could be due to lack of evidence, lack of suspects, etc.    If this graphic was made for theft, the “reported” category would be gigantic.  This probably includes reports filed long after evidence could be gathered as well.
  3.  Next, I really take issue with “faced trial.”  The whole point of a trial is to weigh evidence and see if there is enough proof that a person committed a crime before punishing them with jail or fines.  Just because someone faced trial does NOT make them a rapist.  This graphic reads as though these folks are rapists that “got away with it.”  Sure, there are probably some.  However, the rest are really people FALSELY ACCUSED of rape, which shows only a few people in the bottom right-hand part of the graphic.
  4. Also, as any psychologist will tell you, someone who is willing to commit an act like rape will likely do it multiple times.  Looking at this graphic, it’s hard to say how many “rapist” are  really there, and how many are actually repeat offenders.

    Where I am going with this post is that reporting is so important.  If I get robbed while walking home tomorrow, I can’t wait two years to report the robbery and expect the robber to get punished.

    Second, this graphic is why so many men are afraid of being falsely accused of rape, in spite of the attempt to show otherwise.  The underlying theme here is that all of these stories have a rapist that normally gets away with it.  By assuming that, you have already assumed a man’s guilt, with no evidence, and expect him to prove his innocence.  This is morally backwards.

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Evacuations and Gun Bans

September 13, 2018

During the approach of Hurricane Florence, many millions of people evacuated their homes.

From a freedom standpoint, a mandatory evacuation is unconstitutional.  It is my life, property and liberty, and if I choose to stay (foolishly), that is my problem.  I do think that during a major evacuation, if you stay behind, you cannot expect to be rescued, either.  I will discuss the ethics of evacuations in another post.

One thing that I read about during these evacuations was the overreach of some small-minded busy-bodies in one town.  According to this article, the town of Leland, NC, attempted to say that people being evacuated were forbidden from taking their guns with them.


Thankfully, there was enough of a backlash against this stupid policy that they altered the code to exclude legal gun owners.

The idea that I am forced to leave an heirloom firearm in my house to be destroyed by the hurricane, or looted by those who did not evacuate is absurd.  The idea that the police should be arresting people for legally transporting a firearm in their vehicle is also absurd.

The government should not be able to simply declare an emergency and then be allowed to violate rights.  Emergencies are not a moratorium on rights.  No emergency should be allowed to give the government power over my life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

Good work, for all of you who spread this around social media and helped create the backlash.

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Why the Nike Boycott Won’t Work

September 10, 2018

It is stupid to destroy things you already own.  Nike already has that money.  You aren’t scaring them or sending them any sort of message.  You are just destroying stuff you already bought, and your money, Nike has already spent.

Nike is doing what lots of struggling companies do- they advertise controversy.  They figure that “all news is good news” and that getting their name mentioned, positively or negatively, is good for business.  I don’t know what a commercial on CNN costs, but now they are on the front page of the website every day.   It’s all free advertising.

What should you do if you want to boycott Nike?  Don’t talk about them.  Don’t buy their stuff, and don’t give them any attention.  Their analysts knew this commercial was risky, and they’ll know why their sales dropped (if they do).

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