The Atlas Project

I started participating in the Atlas Project, or rather the Ayn Rand Institute Atlas Project. This project involves reading Atlas Shrugged, one chapter at a time.  In addition to reading the book, there is a series of discussion questions on Facebook each week, as well as a lecture by a few folks at the Ayn Rand Institute.

The first chapter of Atlas is where we first meet  Dagny Taggart, the vice president of Taggart Transcontinental, and our first hero of the book.  In this chapter, we see a crumbling New York City.  We get a glimpse of a disturbing trauma of his childhood- he loves a strong oak tree in the Taggart property, only to later learn that the tree has been dead inside for a long time.  We learn of the disintegrating Rio Norte Line of Taggart Transcontinental, and that no new steel rail can be found.  We learn that Dagny Taggart has instead ordered some experimental rail from a new material called “Reardon Metal”, which angers James Taggart.  There was also a curious bit about a musical score that was clearly written by Richard Halley, except he stopped writing music years earlier.

I’ll let you read the details.  It’s not too late to start.

More information can be found here:  Atlas Project Facebook Group


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