When You Can’t Say Something Nice…

I dislike both candidates.  And I think deep down, we all do in some ways.  I could write yet another article on how awful either candidate is and how anyone who votes for either of them is a terrible person.  We’ve run out of negative things to say- we have called Clinton a compulsive liar (which is likely true) and called Trump “Hitler” (not quite accurate).  We’ve defriended longtime friends and sworn off speaking to relatives over it.

I’m done with it all.  They are neither one a great choice.  Trump’s “Stop and Frisk” is a gross violation of freedom and his wall is a financial disaster in the making.  Clinton’s socialist policies, shady track record of associates, and anti-gun statements make me want to puke.

Instead of writing another article about it, I will instead answer the debate question that they both sucked at answering.  “What is one thing you admire about the other candidate?”

Trump:   Trump has a certain financial genius.  He borrowed his father’s money and turned it into more money.  Plenty of folks think this was an easy task, and yet there are thousands of lottery winners, and probably millions of folks with large inheritances, and yet, we don’t have millions of Donald Trumps.

Trump also appears unfazed by public opinion.  On one hand you want someone who speaks for the will of the people- but you also want someone who does what is right in any situation, versus someone who bends to whatever popular whim is en vogue at the time.

Both of these qualities are things I’d like to see in a president.

Clinton:  Clinton is tough.  Tough as nails.  This woman went from being first lady, to woman scorned, to thrown under the bus by the press and Obama, only to stand back up and fight again.  Plenty of folks would slip away into a quiet retirement after finding out that their significant other cheated on them with an intern.  Instead, Clinton played on.  When she ran for president in the 2008 primaries, the media and Obama (who was a virtual nobody) had nothing nice to say.  I figured here career was over after she was stepped over for the 2008 Democratic Nominee.  Instead, she dusted herself off, accepted the Secretary of State position with no hard feelings and now runs for president, in spite of it all.

In a world where terrorist acts are becoming the norm, rather than the exception, we do need a leader who is in the fight for the long haul. One who won’t give up when things get tough, and Clinton is certainly tough.

Anyway, both candidates are abominable. I dislike Trump slightly less than Clinton.  I just thought it was time someone had something nice to say about people they didn’t like for a change.

You may resume your circus- er um, debates.


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