An Open Letter to Ben

I ran across this video.  All I have to say is this:

Dear Ben,

I am terribly sorry about your mother’s behavior.  It must be difficult to have such an awful role model in your life, and I cannot imagine what you go through each day.

I cannot imagine what it is like to spend every day with a woman that lives as though everyone is the enemy.  I can’t imagine what it is like when she meets your friends, teachers, and future girlfriends.

Please note that most people in this world are actually good people, regardless of who they vote for.  Most people in this world are not actually jerks- or at least don’t mean to be.

Unlike your mother, who goes out of her way to stop and insult people in their own yard, for minding their own business.

I just want you to know that all of us in the real world are actually friendly and don’t go around antagonizing everyone that might have an opinion different than hers.  Please know that we aren’t all evil.  We welcome you with open arms the second you can escape that house, all of us Trump voters and Clinton voters alike.


The rest of the world.


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