White Privilege

I am so sick of hearing about white privilege, once again.  I can’t turn on the radio, check Facebook, or anything without hearing about it.

All of these “privileges” are  thinly-veiled attempt to justify determinism.  In determinism, one’s fate is established completely through their environment and their birth circumstances, through no fault of their own, and there is absolutely nothing that could be done with it.

Determinism undercuts all achievement.  It says that any accomplishment was a mere genetic mistake, and not the product of hard work or creative innovation.

Determinism destroys cause and effect relationships.  Instead of recognizing that an action has a direct consequence.  Is it any wonder that the ghetto seems inescapable given this world view?

The only way to combat this is to recognize it as determinism and inherently false. That’s not to say that some things aren’t harder for a person in one set of cirucmstances versus another.  It is to say that you have no right to take away one’s accomplishment because of their birth circumstances.



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