I have almost no reason to watch television.  Back in 2009, I accidentally pulled the coax connector from the back of the TV.  I intended to fix it, but after several moths of not fixing it, I decided that I didn’t miss the TV all that much.  I cancelled my DirectTV subscription, and have never reactivated it.

At worst, I find myself left out of some water cooler conversations and inside jokes, as I don’t know the current TV shows.  I sometimes miss baseball.   Other than missing baseball and some awkwardness, that’s it.

I also miss out on the 24 hour news shows.  The overhyped, often exaggerated news stories.  The petty squabbling over some celebrity gossip.  The crackpot, poorly constructed and often fictional stories linking unrelated things.  Yeah, I don’t think I am missing out on this either.

Without TV, I’ve spent more time reading.  I’ve learned more from reading than I ever could have from TV.

This piece is not my best work.  I’m trying to write while I am at someone else’s house.  They are watching TV, and it is mind-numbing.

Thank you for reading my post.


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