Democratic National Convention

I could only stomach a few minutes of the Democratic National Convention, but there were a few important takeaways:

1. Bernie Sanders is still far more popular than Hillary Clinton.
2.  Bill Clinton is still more popular than Hillary Clinton.

The big deal with all of this is – how could this be?  How could Hillary be the nominee when she went on stage with two folks who are more popular than her?

As much as I dislike Bernie Sanders, I will say that he did some amazing things with this campaign.  I’m glad he lost, don’t get me wrong.  I think he said that the average campaign contribution was $27…. he had a lot of them to make it as far as he did.

What really came to be during this season of primaries was that a bunch of established politicians got beat out by more popular folks.  Granted, Bernie Sanders was a seasoned politician, but he rose to power by being popular versus actual political pull.
In the case of the republicans, there was no other choice even close to Trump.  In the case of the democrats, I’m not actually sure how Bernie lost out.

An important thing to notice- if this had been Trump vs. Sanders, we would have had two relatively honest politicians squaring off.  One is at least somewhat capitalist versus a true socialist.  We could have seen where the United States stood on free markets during that election.  Instead, we will watch a crooked politician with political pull battle a semi-capitalist, whose mixed premises will paint him as a fortunate rich white guy against a liar, who will say all of the right things.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of months…


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