Town Hall, Guns, and Suicide

It’s unpopular opinion time: suicide is a personal decision. It is a horrible, nasty, short-sighted, personal decision that affects everyone around the person who chooses it.

But, as the abortionists have been screaming for years, “My body, my choice.”

You may wonder why I am addressing this in my politics blog. I want to address the fact that around 2/3 of “gun deaths” are actually suicides. These represent people who, unfortunately, decided to end their lives. It is unfortunate, and it hurts everyone who made this decision, but should not be a crime. These deaths have a clear target that is not you, unless you are suicidal. Therefore, the gun related deaths of concern for the average, healthy citizen are murders and accidents. Therefore, the government’s focus on gun control is directed at the 11,000 or murders or accidental shootings, or, towards the 20,000 people who decide to end their lives relatively quickly.

We accept this because nobody wants to think of their relatives or friends committing suicide. We can’t bear to think of a loved one reaching the point where he or she believes that there is no hope left.

One of the fundamental principles of property rights is that in order to truly have property rights, one has the right to dispose of their property as he or she sees fit. If you buy a fancy, exotic sports car and then place it in the car crusher five minutes later, I can think it is a giant waste- but it’s your car. In much the same way, each of us owns our own life .If we truly have rights around our life, we must acknowledge that we have the right to its disposal, as well.

Like I said, unpopular opinion.

Thank you for reading my post.


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2 Responses to “Town Hall, Guns, and Suicide”

  1. The Brain in the Jar Says:

    This is a great post.

    I recently read a column on the paper that was against making guns more available in Israel because of suicides.

    That’s hilarious. Let’s help people force others into existence but let’s prevent a man from exiting an existence he never consented to!

    I don’t like the methods of guns because they’re violent and leave a mess, but suicide by guns isn’t a reason to ban guns. If anything, it’s a reason to allow guns to be sold. A person has the right to kill himself. Suicide is a basic right and no system has ownership over it.

    People object to suicide because in a world where the lower people can kill themselves, no one will be there to worship them.

    • philosophyofpatriots Says:

      It IS a basic right, and no, it is not moral to force someone to live. It is only in a statist economy, where you have no rights, suicide is illegal, and likely falls under “destruction of government property.”

      Thank you for your comment!

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