Provincial Attitude

The Socorro El Defensor-Chieftain has more vomit-inducing nonsense in their editorial section.

The first letter to the editor encompasses everything that is wrong with a provincial attitude. This author honestly believes that you owe your community everything, and that any dollar you spend outside of your community is a sin. The author makes this clear when the author states, “If you work here, live here!” and “If you want to live in Albuquerque, – work there and let someone who wants to live in Socorro have your job.”

East Berlin was much crappier than West Berlin; so much so that they had to build a wall around it to keep people from leaving. This Socorro resident would love to do the same; build a wall around it to keep people from leaving and spending their money elsewhere.

In a free-market capitalist society, money goes where it is best spent. If you want more of it to be spent in your store, improve your store, don’t complain that the other guy’s store is better. If Socorro wants to encourage people to move there, they should clean up the crime and corruption. Then, maybe more folks would move there. Their people should stop opposing every big box store that wants to move to town, and complaining about every new contract that EMRTC gets. Don’t attack things that bring people to your town, if you really want to expand your town.

I also like the line: “After all there are soon to be 66 hardworking dedicated residents who may be looking for jobs.” No, actually, many of the commuters are college professors. No, your Smith’s employees can’t replace university professors. Sorry. I was once a Kroger (Smith’s) employee, and now teach college. They are different, and it’s not a matter of having a warm body, any warm body, do a job.

The problem is, the author, and many folks like the author, have no interest in expanding their town. They wish to stagnate. They want things to remain just the way they have always been. When things change, they throw a fit. There was always a Smith’s, and they assumed there would always be a Smith’s. These were likely the same folks that complained when Netflix boxes showed up and replaced the video rental stores.

I personally left the area after my office mate was attacked so badly that she was left blinded in one eye. It was one of a series of random attacks on college students by the local high school gang. Everyone knew it was happening- I did some work in the high school, and I heard about it. Other students were approached by the local gang- “are you one of them Techie fools?” However, after all of this, many weeks later, after several editorials were written, the police issued a statement. The statement said that Tech students were not being targeted. It said that my office mate likely hurt her eye when she fell down, and that the “kids” that attacked her probably didn’t mean to hurt her. It was bullshit, and we all knew it. I moved soon after.

I still love Socorro. I still love the college there. However, I have no interest in living in such a closed-minded, provincial community. I will commute to do my job, and yes, I will spend the dollars I earn through my efforts where they best serve me, and not feel once ounce of guilt that those dollars are leaving Socorro.

Thank you for reading my post.


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