Another Crappy CNN Article About Gun Control

CNN proves, once again, that you don’t have to be an a talented writer to get featured on their site. You just have to spout the same nonsense they do, such as this crappy article.

The article implies that the entire US-Cuban relationship hinged on a few terrorists that prevented negotiations for 50 years. They bombed people that said Castro wasn’t so bad, and it took the courageous Obama to stand up to them. This ended the small, vocal group of immature angries.

Then, he compares the NRA to this terrorist group, saying that no politician is willing to stand up to them, the tiny little group of extremists that they are. However, our knight in shining armor may just do so at some point.

The NRA is not a terrorist organization, so the comparison to someone who bombs people for disagreeing is dishonest. A real reporter would not do that.

I have more to say about this, but there have been so many anti-gun articles in the past few days, that I am going to end this one so that I can start fresh again tomorrow.

Thank you for reading this incomplete rant.


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