Seizing Guns After a Death

I am basing this post on the following article:

The general idea is that in order to prevent guns from falling into “the wrong hands” (i.e. family members), guns are confiscated soon after a handgun permit holder has passed away.

Think about this for a second, just in terms of property rights. Your grandfather has collected guns his whole life. He has 30 or 40 guns that have safely gathered dust in his gun safe. Soon after his death, while you and your family are trying to manage his estate, armed men show up and demand his guns. They inform you that they need to take them for “safe keeping.” Perhaps each gun has a value of $400, times 30 guns is $12,000 that they get to take from you, according to this “law.” It is a clear violation of property rights.

Distance yourself from the fact that they are guns, and perhaps you don’t like guns. Pretend your grandfather collects classic cars. He had some nice showpieces, some all original, some rare. When he passes away, armed men show up at your door and say that the cars are now theirs. What do you call those men? You would call them thieves. Pretend now that they have badges, and say “we are making sure that no drunk drivers buy them.” Are they now justified, or are they still thieves?

Having good intentions, claiming to prevent guns from falling into the “wrong” hands, does not justify stealing property from a citizen.

I guess we can expect more of this type of behavior as states require “handgun licenses.” I guess we are supposed to let the authorities do whatever they’d like to do, as long as they can claim there are good intentions.

I’m not buying it. Stay out of my gun safe, even after I’m dead. What my family does with my gun collection when I am gone is their business.


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