Surfers Bully Billionaire

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog. There have been plenty of topics worth posting about, but today’s topic grabbed me and forced me to write.

A few days ago, a California court ruled against property rights and in favor of the collective. The court ruled that a venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, could not prevent “the public” from crossing his beachfront property to get to a public beach.

Facebook and other social media outlets have been calling this a great ruling for “the 99%”, with headlines like “Surfers Beat Billionaire”. Rather than shredding all of the articles, I will just evaluate the article featured in Time, found here.

The first paragraph reads “…pitted the surfers who cross the property against the billionaire who owns it.” Replace the word “surfers” with “trespassers”, as that is what was actually happening. Surfers sounds nicer, perhaps like your son, grandson. It is a package deal; the first time you read it, you think that the billionaire is persecuting surfers instead of trespassers. Because surfing is not actually a crime, and you know that, you already think of the billionaire as some sort of surfer-hating stick-in-the-mud.

The court case came about because the property manager blocked access to Martins Beach. The beach was open to the public, at the land owner’s convenience, and for a fee. Instead, of being grateful for allowing the public onto his property, he received a letter from the county demanding that his gate be left open all the time, every single day. His property manager closed the beach in response.

Let’s look at several aspects of this. First, it is HIS property. He should not be required to allow access to his property. That is a blatant violation of property rights. If I need to walk to my friend’s house, I can’t demand that you let me cut through your kitchen to get there.

Second, let’s look at the liability of this situation. If someone gets hurt surfing, traversing his property, etc., will Khosla be held liable? YOU BET! It’s like having a swimming pool in your yard, and your neighbors getting drunk, demanding to swim in it, then suing you when one of them dives in the shallow end.

The organization that was suing, the Surfrider foundation, had this to say about Khosla, “ “[Kholsa] believes that he can find a way to use his wealth and power to strong-arm the situation,” says Chad Nelsen, environmental director of the Surfrider Foundation.” Who knew kicking people off your land was “strong-arming the situation” ? These are such loaded words.

The next paragraph was about Khosla’s legal fight. He had no plans to build a home there, but correctly asserted his property rights. The only reason this was included in the article at all was to show that he didn’t “need” to do this for any reason of privacy. However, his “needs” are not up to the courts to decide. He closed his property in accordance with his rights, plain and simple.

The next several paragraphs discuss which socialist ruling or edict has been used to terrorize this land owner, and others like him, in the past. There is also a paragraph about the greatness of Martins Beach. It is presented to show you what the evil capitalist is taking from you.

Later, the article discusses how there was a small fee for parking, but once again, evil capitalism created a sign that reads $15 for parking. Part of the ruling was that he could only charge $2 for parking, just like in 1973. Not only did this man give up access to his own property, but he lost the right to charge what his property was worth to him.

The next part is scary as well. Five trespassers started this case by jumping the gate (many have), and the District Attorney refused to prosecute them. Imagine the scenario of people breaking into your property and the LEGAL SYSTEM REFUSES TO HELP YOU.

This article was meant to show a victory for the little guy against the rich. Instead, it revealed exactly how little legal protection the rich have in this country. It showed that your property is not yours, but subject to any bullying by the public, and if the public can find a use for it- they can just take it.

The final paragraph sums up the cry of the collectivists. The quote is that “The Surfrider Foundation remains vigilant to protect beach access rights, not only in this case, but also in other cases where it is wrongfully cut off from the public.” In other words, they will make sure that the public has access to whatever they want, whenever they want, your property rights be damned.


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