Hobby Lobby’s Victory

I’m happy. Well, sort of, and I’ll explain why.

Obamacare is an unjust mandate. It requires you to spend your money so that someone else can have health insurance. However, because we likely won’t see it repealed any time soon, the best we can hope for is to have it disassembled piecemeal, even if that will lead to all sorts of new legal nightmares.

Hobby Lobby won. They no longer have to cover certain procedures with their health care. THIS IS NOT THEM FORCING THEIR RELIGION ON YOU. You are still free to undergo these treatments. You just have to pay for them yourself.

It is amazing to me how the press had treated this ruling as a verdict “against women.” No. It is for the Right to Choose- not the right to choose whether to get an abortion, but the Right to Choose how you spend your money. Hobby Lobby has said they will not support spending their money (where you get your benefits) on things they don’t support.

You are not owed health insurance. You are not owed free access to health care. If your employer doesn’t feel like providing it- that’s their business. The falsehood that has risen during this debate is that business should provide health insurance.

It shouldn’t, and it certainly shouldn’t have to do so.

Demanding that a business provide health insurance is a failure to recognize a business is on Earth to make money for itself- not to give you jobs or provide you services. Demanding any particular piece of health insurance is the same thing. To demand that the owners pay in support of something that they find immoral is the vilest of evils.

Let’s look at a few common arguments:

Q: “But Hobby Lobby is a rich company, they should provide it!”
A: See above. Why is it that what a company has should dictate whether they are forced to pay for something they find immoral?

Q: “But they pay for Viagra!”
A: I don’t see the logic in that either, but they are free to pay for what they want.

Q: “But how will the employees pay for their health insurance?”
A: I don’t know. It’s not really my concern to run their budget.

Q: “But isn’t Hobby Lobby dumping the burden onto the tax payer?”
A: In our messed up system, yes. That doesn’t mean they are wrong to do so- it was never their burden to carry in the first place. This is not simply a company offloading its actual fiscal responsibilities (demanding a bail out, government assistance, etc.) This is they saying, “This was never ours.”

Q: “But what the precedent that is set? Now, Jehovah’s Witness owned companies can deny blood transfusions, etc?”
A: And? It’s their money. If you don’t like the health insurance so graciously provided by the company, buy your own. If you didn’t bother to read what was covered, that’s hardly their fault.

I do wish this debate had been argued on principles rather than a few trivialities. I wish that Hobby Lobby had stood up and said that they didn’t morally have to provide anything. I wish they had challenged the actual roots of the Obamacare Mandate, instead of just a few pieces of it.

Oh well, I can still hope that it will be disassembled until it has no teeth, and then attempt to swim through the sea of broken legalese.


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