Why Science is a Political Rag

The other day, I received a complimentary copy of Science, supposedly the most respected journals in the scientific community. It is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which is also supposedly one of the most respected scientific communities on Earth.

Let me tell you right now, I am unimpressed.

I received the 23 May 2014 issue, and the cover image and featured article says it all, “Haves and have-nots.” In this “special issue,” other features include articles such as:

“The ancient roots of the 1%”

“Tax man’s gloomy message: the rich will get richer”

“While emerging economies boom, equality goes bust”

“Inequality in the long run”

and other such trash.

For a scientific magazine, there is not much science happening in its pages. Articles come from economics and international affairs professors, rather than scientists or engineers.

One article titled, “The Science of Inequality” features the quote “In 2011, the wrath of the 99% kindled Occupy movements around the world.” Remember the Occupy movements? They lasted like ten minutes and were never even close to the size of the Tea Party Movement. The article features a smug-looking, well-dressed, twenty-something passing a bearded (presumably homeless) man on the street.

This article, and no others in this section contain SCIENCE! For those of you who don’t understand, let’s review the scientific process:

1. Ask a question
2. Collect some background data
3. Make a hypothesis
4. Develop a test method
5. Test hypothesis
6. Analyze results
7. Communicate results

These articles do not do anything of the sort. They spout political opinions, throw in some statistics and call it science. We are expected to believe it, because the authors have PhDs, and come from ivy league schools. We are not to question their authority.

The real problem with this “special section” is their quest for “equality.” You may think that is geared towards lifting the poor, but it is really about suppressing the rich. Don’t believe me?

On page 821, they have a color-coded map of which countries are “more equal.” Iraq is more equal than the United States, as is Mali, Russia, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan. Because the goal is “equality”, as long as everyone is equally poor, it’s alright. The take away from this article is that we should be more like Mali- we can all be poor, but at least we’ll be equally poor.

“Tax man’s gloomy message: the rich will get richer” Who cares if the rich get richer? Good for them! As long as they are not directly stealing from me, why should I care? The point of this article is to attack the rich, rather than uplift the poor.

Overall, don’t read Science if you want science. If you want to read political vomit from socialists and look like a pompous ass, then you should read Science.


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2 Responses to “Why Science is a Political Rag”

  1. crestwind24 Says:

    While Science does include numerous news articles, editiorials, perspectives, opinion pieces, and commentaries on science topics, to claim it includes no or little science is wrong. The issue you refer to included 16 peer-reviewed science articles. Including ones about malaria infection, a protein involved in perceptual decision-making, how DNA is read, and the genetics of Cushing’s Disease. Guess you missed those? or didnt read them? I am very critical of Science Magazine for many reasons, but to claim it has no science is just wrong.

    • philosophyofpatriots Says:

      To say there was NO science was an exaggeration, and it is fair to call me on that. And while I did not read those articles, the “Melting of subducted basalt at the core-mantle boundary” will be on my list tonight, as that mechanism is poorly understood. However:

      1. The cover emphasizes that this is a special issue of “Haves and Have-nots”

      2. 55 of 151 pages are on news and opinions. A full 36% of the journal about science is dedicated to non-science!

      Admittedly, it’s not even MOST of the journal, but a disproportional amount of opinion. For example, the May 2014 issue of Modern Casting- a trade journal that does not profess to be THE scientific journal of our time, there are 3 of 72 pages dedicated to opinion pieces. There are some news articles, but even those focus on facts (“company x purchased company y” and so on)

      In all fairness there is some science in Science, but the focus of this past issue was NOT science, but rather “social inequality.”

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