Making Union Lemons into Lemonade

If you haven’t seen this article, you should.

The general idea is that the Wichita Subaru had a labor dispute, so some people showed up with a sign that read “Shame on Wichita Subaru” with the ominous words “Labor Dispute” written in the corners.

Wichita Subaru marketing used this by printing another sign in identical style and text that read, “for Having Unbeatable Prices” with “Indisputable” in each corner.

That’s how you make lemonade with union lemons!

If you want a barometer of how capitalism is viewed, just read the context of the union sign. It says “Labor dispute” and that is all. In fact, the people writing the article could only speculate that the reason for the protest in the first place was because of Wichita Subaru using a non-union carpenter to do renovations. Nowhere does it even say why we should “shame” Wichita Subaru. It just says “Labor Dispute” which is to say, “if there is a disagreement between labor and management, you should always side with labor.”

I propose this. If you see one of these signs (they all say “SHAME ON X” and “LABOR DISPUTE”- I’ve seen them around Albuquerque and the identical style sign is in this article), shop at the store. Treat their big banner as a reason to shop at this store, and be sure to say what brought you to the store. Perhaps even stroll past the strikers consuming whatever product you purchased, and comment, “Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t even know these guys sold x, this is the best x I’ve ever had.”

Just a thought…


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