…On Being Overweight and Working Out

This blogger is offensive, but so what? He went “blah blah blah” about some stuff he didn’t understand (what it is like to be overweight).

His mistake was that he did not treat each person as an individual- he lumped all fat people into a stereotypical TV watching, junk food eating, lazy bum, but concerned about looking good. He certainly isn’t the first person to do this, and he certainly won’t be the last. We have all failed to treat each person as an individual at some point, be it based on their race, gender, sexuality, accent, weight, political party, whatever- at least this guy thought he was being nice.

Many of you have seen the post in your Facebook news feed that speaks of a blogger “encouraging” an overweight person to keep running. If not, you can read it here.

Plenty of people were offended by this message.

It would be easy to get mad at him; but why bother? Look at it from his perspective- the world of overweight is so foreign to him, and he tried to reach out and encourage someone. Being from a world that does not understand “overweight”- he probably didn’t even realize he was being offensive.

Those of us who are comfortable with our weight (in spite of what the federal government BMI says)- think about what it must be like to worry about what others think of you all the time. If you are overweight- you’ve lived in a world that disapproves of you, and have struggled through it, no worse for wear. This guy has never had that experience. He spends a significant part of his life working out to keep others from thinking poorly of him! His friends may not be his friends if he’d gain weight. Those of us who are overweight, we know friendship. It’s a sad way to live- living for the opinion of others, and what we can take from this is to not live our lives that way.


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