Landmark Education

I recently attended several Landmark Education events (Forum, Advanced Course), and found them to be incredibly useful. They are a leadership/lifestyle/etc type seminar event that helps you see things from a different perspective.

Why I am telling you this? I have not posted on here in recent history. This was partially due to the time commitment involved with Landmark, and partially due to the nature in which I wrote this blog.

I wrote in here when I was angry about political issues. And, rightfully so. There are plenty of people out there who want to take your rights away, and you should be willing to fight.

However, I have taken the approach recently that perhaps some people out there do not know that they are advocating stripping your rights. Instead, I am going to use this blog to educate people about rights. I will post about the same issues I always did, except I hope to do so a little less “rant-y” and a little more informative.

It’s not worth it for me to have a heart attack because someone else is flapping their mouth hole about what they want to do with my rights.

It is worth it to fight when they actually try to take them away.

Landmark gave me the tools to understand and question myself. By doing so, I know who I am fighting for. If you don’t question yourself and question your stances, you are no different than any other flapping jaw out there, including the ones who want to take your rights.

In other words, if you do not understand the nature of you, the nature of a human creature and the nature of rights, how can you say that you deserve rights? Most of us have a basic understanding of this- but do question it and figure out those answers.


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