Response to the same video

It’s not truly morning until you have pissed off your friends on Facebook…

How have they earned it? A job is only worth what the employer is willing to pay for it. Want to get paid to sweep the floor? Here’s what I am willing to pay for it so that I don’t have to do it myself. Don’t like it? Find someone who will pay you more or skill up and take a better job.

I am opposed to subsidies across the board- get rid of them all. That goes for solar power, corn and soybean subsidies, and so on. A tax break is not a subsidy, however. It is “I stole this money from you and now I’m giving some of it back for some reason.”

When I hire someone, I should not have to manage their budget for them. If you are a single mother with 8.3 children or a kid paying for college, or a retired vet- if the job is only worth x to me, that is how much I will pay. I shouldn’t have to be responsible for you making a living.

As far as work 100 years ago- the physical workload is less today, but the intellectual workload is much higher. Think the Walmart executives sit around all day? Unlikely. That is why there is always another Walmart opening and rarely one closing- because someone is planning and working on the next way to make money. It’s not the $8 an hour door greeter or cashier.

To say that the average CEO doesn’t work, or doesn’t work as hard is a reflection on work ethic. Some people say that CEOs sit around and light cigars with $100 bills- because that is what THEY would do if they magically became CEO one day. The business will suffer from their inability to run the business, and, provided they don’t get bailed out, will fail.

Your standard is where I take issue. Instead of productive work and honest trade, you choose “need.” There will always be “need.” There will always be actual emergencies where someone needs more than they have. There will always be manufactured emergencies where someone needs more than they have. If need is your standard, as long as there is someone with less gold atoms than you, you are morally obligated to give them your gold atoms until you are equal. If they squander them, then you are morally obligated to give more of them, until neither of you have any gold atoms left. If you don’t believe me, try it sometime.

Chris, I didn’t get a chance to go through wealth, but you are right in your definition. I opened up talking about the differences in money, wealth and standard of living, but failed to discuss wealth. In your computer example (because it is so close to home for me), I agree- but let’s not forget that those silicon atoms always existed, and it took genius to put them together into a computer- and continued genius to improve, market, and run the expensive factory that makes them into computers. What this video does is say that the geniuses that run these factories are somehow stealing money from the workers. Yet, as one of these workers, I can tell you how the layer buildup on your i3, i5, and i7 processors looks (actually, I can’t, it’s proprietary), but I have no idea how to weigh the risks associated with building a semiconductor plant for machines that have not been manufactured yet for technology that has not been invented yet (which is what must be done in the semiconductor industry). The executives that figure this out deserve every penny they make.

There’s more, but I think I’ll eat some breakfast.


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