I Still Hate This Video

This video is misleading on so many levels. I likely have ranted about it before, but it still sucks.

1. This video isn’t about bringing the poor up. It’s about bringing the rich down. The main point of this video is “tax the rich more and give it to the poor and all will be well.”

2. It makes no moral stance- just wants to compromise. You can’t compromise a moral principal. You are advocating taking someone else’s money that you did not earn. Whether you steal 1% of 99%, it’s still theft. If you compromise and say, “Yeah, I should pay more”, you are saying that the general public has a say in what you do with your property, abilities, and standard of living. You give up some of your money in favor of “compromise”, and are shocked when the same people return and ask for more “compromise.” You validated their (non-existent) right to your property.

3. It makes no distinction between money and standard of living. There is a finite amount of money (true money- gold atoms in the universe), but standard of living can be infinite. If I buy something through voluntary exchange from you, I lose money and you gain money, but BOTH of our standards of living increase. We both win. The number of gold atoms in my possession or a CEO’s possession do not matter. This is completely ignored on this graph.

I could keep going, but I won’t. This video should have said, “Brought to you by the Socialist Party of America.”


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