Why Nobody Reads ‘The Guardian’

The Guardian is Terrible

The worst part about this article is it really stems from general hatred of the United States, and actually has nothing to do with gun control. They explain American gun-ownership as: “…owning a gun is … about ludicrous macho fantasy.” Good to know it is a-okay to assume that every gun owner needs to feel like “a man” by buying a gun. I wonder if that includes the many women who buy guns. Or perhaps the “Pink Pistols”, which is a group who advocates that if a gay man wants to protect himself, he can do so with a gun. But hey, it’s cool, we all have small penises compared to European, gun-less men. *ZING!*

” the NRA, the gun manufacturers, conservative-inclined politicians and parts of the media will continue to advocate a right, which, at base, is as archaic as a witch trial.” No, jackass. The problem with the witch trials were that they violated individual rights- mainly the rights of those on trial. Simply calling a right “archaic” doesn’t make it invalid. Would you like to throw the other rights out as well, because they were written long ago?

Finally, the author ends with ” This has reached the point where it has ceased to be a domestic issue. The world cannot stand idly by.”

Now we get to the meat of the actual issue. This author advocates sending armed troops into the United States to confiscate the guns in my gun safe, which up until this point, have caused no deaths or injuries. After all, it’s okay to confiscate my property without due process (i.e. me being an actual threat to someone).

This is more than a gun issue. This is a property rights issue. And since our United States Government cannot steal property without due process (in spite of their best efforts), he advocates sending in a foreign military to steal our property.

I would advise NOT sending your little blue helmeted assholes to steal my property. Any of them that I can get a front sight on will be in for a bad day. Not because I hate Europeans. Not because I hate anyone. But this is simply a property rights issue- and those who would show up to steal my guns are thieves, regardless of what “authority” they claim . We have due process in this country, and that means that the government cannot take your property without a trial.

The Guardian is terrible. End of story.


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