The Zimmerman Trial, Aftermath and Tribalism

I don’t know much about this whole Zimmerman thing. I “killed” my TV back in 2008, and it has been glorious. Online, there were two schools of thought:

1. A candy-eating kiddie, on his way to fill out a Harvard application and take care of his sick grandma was run over, burned and shot by a Klansman. Klansman found not guilty.

2. A cracked-out murderous thug attacks an Eagle Scout, Woodchuck safety ranger neighborhood watchman on his way home to deliver puppies and candy apples to all the nice people in the world. The watchman fights for his life until he can shoot the thug, taking one more murder off the streets. Watchman found not guilty.

Perhaps there is reason to be outraged. I don’t know what happened. What I see now in these pictures is unacceptable.

If racism was to blame for a teenager being killed, it is a form of tribalism: that is, one who belongs to a “tribe” of some non-essential (race, sexual orientation, occupation, etc) is guilty simply by being a member of this tribe. It is the refusal to recognize an individual as an individual, capable of his or her own decisions. Guilty for being black- because at some point a black person murdered someone else, and therefore all black people are murderers.

Flash to Oakland. If you think that tearing up a random police car 3000 miles away from the crime scene in Florida is okay, because a cop there might have done a poor investigation- you are also falling for tribalism. One cop messed up, or was racist, or whatever- so they all must be so.

Burning the flag is disrespectful, but you have freedom of speech to burn YOUR OWN flag. Touch mine (my property), and I won’t have any problem shooting an unarmed person.

Same goes for the window. You have your freedom of speech, but your freedom of speech does not include smashing my window with a garbage can. The destruction of my property is not your freedom of speech. Once again, breaking my window, and I won’t have any problem shooting an unarmed person.

Calling these acts of vandalism “a protest” shows a clear misunderstanding of the word.

Oakland ‘Protest’


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