Hooray! Everyone can get married! Unless you are a nasty polygamist

The Supreme Court took a few steps in the right direction by striking down DOMA. That’s a good thing, and here’s why:

The government has no business in anyone’s bedroom.

That’s it. That’s the only reason. Personally, I think homosexuality is absolutely disgusting. I don’t care if other people think it is disgusting or a sin or anything else. That is their business, and they are free to think and say what they want.

Before you continue celebrating, remember that many are still not free to marry who they choose in this country. Polygamists still go to jail in most states.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but they have a right to marry who they want as well.

Don’t pretend it is any different. It is still a violation of individual rights.


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2 Responses to “Hooray! Everyone can get married! Unless you are a nasty polygamist”

  1. tiffany267 Says:

    “Personally, I think homosexuality is absolutely disgusting.”

    No longer following you. Checking to see if I have reblogged anything you posted, which I will remove.

    • philosophyofpatriots Says:

      I also think eating sardines is disgusting. Just because I think something is disgusting doesn’t mean I think they should have any less rights than me. I don’t feel I have to “celebrate” anyone else’s bedroom business, homosexual or otherwise to say that they have the same human rights as heterosexuals.

      …but if you want me to say “oh boy, I love homosexuality!”, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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