A Message to Gun Owners, Manufacturers and NRA Members

Anytime there is some sort of shooting tragedy, the press turns to the NRA, gun owners and gun manufacturers with a microphone and says, “Well?  Aren’t you going to say anything?”  If this happens to you, your answer should be a firm, “NO.”

At first, you may find this to be heartless.  After the Newtown massacre, everyone wants to help and try to figure out a way to prevent future tragedies.  Even so, if asked for a statement, your answer should be a firm, “NO.”

Why would I say this?  You cannot answer the question they are asking because you have allowed them to define the terminology.  They expect an apology from you for something you did not do.  They expect you, the NRA member, gun owner, or gun manufacturer to apologize for the actions of another person.  They expect you to feel guilty when you have committed no moral flaw.

Do not apologize.  You have committed no crime.  An honest gun owner is no more responsible for a mass shooting than Ford is for drunk driving accidents.  How ridiculous would it be if a pilot was drunk, crashed a passenger jet, and then the press demand an apology from Boeing for making the jet in the first place?  That is what the press wants you to do- they want you to apologize as though owning a gun was a sin, and that surely you want to wallow in guilt for them.

Do not argue.  It gets you nowhere.  Do not bother with “well, if there were armed teachers” or anything of the sort.  Stay focused on the actual issue- they want YOU to feel GUILTY for owning property (guns).   Arming teachers, more CCWs, etc might help, or it might not, but it still has nothing to do with your rights as an American Citizen.  By arguing, you are inadvertently saying that there is a connection between your right to own a gun and mass shootings.  There is no connection, and deep down, you know it.  Don’t get baited into this trap!

You cannot win any debate where you allow your opponent to set all of the terms.  If they start out the conversation about mass shootings with “Don’t you want to apologize?”  You’ve let them say you are guilty for every mass shooting and every act of domestic violence.  What you say afterwards means nothing, as you have already started the debate by proclaiming yourself a mass murderer.

Don’t make a statement at all.  Colt, I’m talking to you!  You make firearms, fine ones at that.  Don’t allow the media to bully you into apologizing for a crime that you did not commit!


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