Background Checks and the Profit Motive

The background check bill was defeated in congress.  Obama was livid.  So were many liberal talking heads throughout the press.  When asked about why this bill was defeated, many blamed NRA or gun manufacturer profits, and their influence on elected officials.  We all nodded our heads at the phrases “profits over lives” and other such drivel.

Let’s do a little exploring.  Who profits if there is a new requirement to run background checks?  Every gun sale must now go through a licensed Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer.  He will tack on a fee (most charge $25-35 per gun).  Things look good for the dealer!  And now that everyone has to do business through an FFL, why should they keep their price at $25-35?  Why not $50?  $100?  If I have to go to a gun dealer to buy a gun instead of buying one from a classified ad in the paper, I’m in the gun store.  While I’m there, I better pick up some ammo.  And a holster.  And perhaps some more cleaning brushes.  Once again, things look good for the dealer!

The manufacturers do pretty well, too.  If I have extra fees attached to every used gun, well, I might as well buy a new gun instead of trying to transfer a used gun.

Who does profit from the background checks being defeated?  Nobody.

This is the power of the anti-capitalists in this country.  All they have to do is suggest “profits over lives” and you envision a fat man smoking a cigar, laughing every time there is a shooting.   We treat “profits” as evil.  Any profit is a bad profit, and weighed against human life.

The debate ceases to be about background checks on guns, but whether you support “profits” or “lives,” as if such a match-up were a reality.   You either have to choose between the side with fat white men smoking cigars, counting their money while shooting at babies, or choose the side of peace, love and happiness.  Don’t fall for it!  These aren’t your options!

Anytime anyone mentions “profit motive” or “profits versus”, ask yourself, “is this really the choice, or is this a false dichotomy?”


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2 Responses to “Background Checks and the Profit Motive”

  1. lwk2431 Says:

    The pharmaceutical industry is at least a 100 times more profitable than the civilian firearms industry in the U.S. See:

    Guns And Drugs

    More and more young people are being prescribed a lot of psychotropic drugs. Big profits. A lot more influence in Congress than gun manufacturers. Maybe the focus on guns is largely diversionary?


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