Mr. and Mrs. America, Turn Them All In

I found this interview the other day:
Mr. and Mrs. America….

Dianne Feinstein said this about all firearms soon after the assault weapon ban in 1994.

This statement is particularly disturbing, but it gives us a glimpse into her philosophy. First, she says “Mr. and Mrs. America, Turn Them All In.” She did not say any such liberal drivel as “the streets will be safer if criminals have no guns”, or “getting the guns out of the hands of criminals” or even the classic “guns off the streets” line. No, she said, “Mr. and Mrs. America.” This means she is more interested in taking hunting rifles, skeet shotguns, and everyday sporting weapons from the average citizen. If it takes them out of the hands of criminals, it is a mere side effect. She wants YOUR guns, and she KNOWS you’ve done nothing wrong. That’s what that statement means.

Furthermore, Dianne Feinstein said in here that she carries a concealed weapon. She doesn’t want you to own a firearm, but then carries one herself.

Some say this is hypocritical, but it is even deeper than that. In Feinstein’s utopia, all people are disarmed, except a select few (her and maybe someone else). This means that she would like to control the monopoly on force. One must ask what type of person desires to control the monopoly on force? An honest man who participates in honest dealings has nothing to gain by having a monopoly on force. Only a dishonest person would desire such a control- someone who has to use force to get honest folks to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Force can also be used to coerce a dishonest person from doing dishonest things. So, either she wants a monopoly on force to control honest people or she wants a monopoly on force because she thinks all folks are dishonest.

She doesn’t say, “you are all untrustworthy, turn in your guns.” She says, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.”

Ask yourself what type of person wants a monopoly on force.


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