“Algebra Sucks” – from Occupy Wall Street’s Finest

http://occupywallst.org/forum/algebra-sucks/….just in case you thought I was kidding.

First, I will state that this is an open message board, not any sort of official communication, and judging by the comments (thankfully) many “Occupiers” disagree with this post.

Having said that, I’ll dive right in…

On the surface, this appears to be a whiny 7th grader who is attempting to protest by not doing his homework. That was my initial reaction, anyway. Reading the comments, it becomes clear that this person is attempting to go to college and railing against college algebra. He makes such insightful, thought-provoking statements as:

“Actually I believe that without jobs would not only be created they would be the kind of work people can be passionate about doin.”

First, I have no idea what that says. Does it mean that without jobs, people could work in something they are passionate about? or does it mean that without algebra, people could work in jobs they are passionate about? Obviously, deep thoughts from a deep thinker.

“I can figure out everything I need to without using algebra and that includes all aspects of builing and measure”

I assume he meant “building and measure”. He can figure it all out, unless there is some unknown quantity. If he is figuring out unknown quantities, he’s likely doing algebra and he is too dumb to know it.

His first statement is the worst, however:

“Algebra is something made up and unnecessary. This ideal was created to attack the imagination and hinder its function. The mathematical info of formulas etc. all existed before algebra. Most people I know who quit school did so to not take that class. I believe it has impact on creativity or lack there of. Why is it now mandatory for all classes in college. People get quite defensive about it too and yet they have no explanation as to the actual benefits or necessary aspects of learning it.”

He is actually saying that Algebra is fiction. That it is imaginary. That it is a fairy tale. That somehow, in the statement x + 3 = 5, x is only imagined to be 2.

He then says that algebra was created to attack the imagination. If little Johnny (or ‘peacehurricane’ in this case) decided that x = 9999 in the above statement, somehow he is right, and that mean old algebra has stunted his imagination. This person is actually attacking reality. He might as well say “gravity attacks my creativity, as I can imagine myself flying”. Guess what kid? While you sat there whining, people who understood algebra designed airplanes to fly.

He whines about people quitting school to avoid college algebra. Yeah, we’d better stop making it a requirement, as we are losing good, high quality college students by forcing them to take (have taken, or test out of) what should be a 7th grade math skill. I can’t imagine what geniuses are being tossed aside by such a policy. I’m sure the doctor that invents a cure to AIDS will understand algebra, as will the engineer who designs the next fuel efficient car, as will the architect that designs the next skyscraper.

But wait! There are careers where you won’t need algebra! Acting, professional sports, music, the arts! It’s up for debate whether these professions will need algebra, as I’m sure there are countless examples of aesthetic professions using algebra. However, there is something underlying this protest: the desire to NOT learn. You can’t make him sit in algebra class, and you certainly can’t make him learn it! Now, reapply that attitude to arts, sports, etc. Suppose Cal Ripken Jr. had told his little league coach, “nah, I already know how to swing, go away, I don’t want to learn how to field a ground ball” – where would he be?

He’d be in the same place as ‘peacehurricane’. Sitting barefoot, posting on a message board from his i-PAD about the evils of algebra, whining that “the 1%” took his money. Money he had no right to, no desire to learn how to make, and no desire to learn how to keep. Just to take from someone else as a payment for his lack of abilities, or desire to learn abilities.

People like that- when will they have taken enough? They are a drain on society, but how big of a drain? Will they ever stop? Do you think handing this man $100 would better his life for more than a few hedonistic minutes? How about $1000? How about $10,000? $1,000,000?

This person is a fungus, the type that can only grow from a society that punishes the successful and rewards the sloth.


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2 Responses to ““Algebra Sucks” – from Occupy Wall Street’s Finest”

  1. tiffany267 Says:

    Ironically, people who rail against algebra are basically complaining about logic, because that’s all algebra really is – applied logic, using numbers and letters as symbols for concepts. So, it really goes to show that their entire mindset is anti-logic and therefore anti-reason (and therefore anti-human).

    I would, however, note with caution that it’s not fair to accuse everyone who has trouble with algebra of being a sloth. This particular individual, who shows no regard for intellect in general, does deserve the title. However, not everyone has the same cognitive abilities and some with learning disabilities and/or dyslexia may legitimately have trouble with algebra, so let’s be careful not to paint the picture with too broad a brush. 🙂

    Interesting posts. Glad to be a follower.

    • philosophyofpatriots Says:

      Dyslexia and other such illnesses are not a moral failing, but a physical one. You are correct in stating that someone with one of these ailments does not mean that he or she is slothful. It does mean that he or she would not be suitable for a profession that required algebra.

      Mostly I am attacking the attitude of not wanting to learn. Most folks with dyslexia would jump at the opportunity to no longer suffer from it. Folks like “peacehurricane” would rant about how they should not have to get better, but should be allowed to simultaneously be granted the job they want while being allowed to not perform the job functions required.

      I appreciate the feedback!

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