I Bought A Gun Today

…and that doesn’t make me a monster. I bought it, and (other than the background check) it was no more to me than buying a nice socket set at Sears.
No more evil, no more sinister. I don’t feel invincible, or apt to cause trouble.

For anyone who is interested, it is a PA-63. I have had another one for years, and saw a deal on this one ($115 with holster and extra magazine) that I could not pass up. I won’t post a picture of mine, but here is one from world.guns.ru

It shoots a very wimpy 9×18 Makarov cartridge, but I have enjoyed shooting it. I don’t know if a 9×18 Makarov will go through a light jacket or can be used on anything but the thinnest skinned squirrels, but it uses so little powder that I can use cast lead bullets in it without any problems. The sites are less than desirable, but they don’t get hung up in clothing either.

I was also able to pick up some .223 today for $12.95/20. Supplies are beginning to trickle back slightly.


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