The Ship Has Sailed.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden will make recommendations to President Obama about how to stop gun violence. Every freedom-loving individual knows what his recommendations are going to contain.

I went into several area gun stores today.

One contained only a handful of guns, all of which were well over $1000. The rack of used rifles and shotguns was only about 1/10th full. Their ammo shelves were almost bare, only containing a few boxes of specialty ammunition (32 S&W, .22 short, 327 Federal Mag, etc). The store was packed- maybe 15 people in a small store, all milling about, looking for something worth buying. The owner said they sold all 80 AR-15s that they had in stock in one day back in December. They likely weren’t getting any more in. They had some AR-15 parts (pistol grips, stock pieces, slings, etc). That was about it.

I went into a second store. Same situation there, except they had one AR-15 unfinished lower receiver for sale. $450. I bought one at yet another gun store for $120 a few months back, and they were only slightly more expensive at this store at $150. These guys had a few more guns, but everything was expensive.

Neither store had .22 LR, 9mm, .223 Win, or .308 Win ammunition. is closed due to no inventory. has a ‘surplus’ of zero on almost everything, but will add you to an email list when they get some supply.

The moral of the story: We were living in the good ol’ days and didn’t know it. I don’t know that there will ever be a day where one can walk in and pick which AR-15 manufacturer they would like to buy. What we have today may be all we have.

Are you ready? I know I would have liked to have bought a few more boxes of ammo. I bought a bunch of .22LR a few years ago- 5900 rounds to be exact- to be sure that I had plenty of .22 to plink with, and teach new and younger shooters how to shoot. Now, I am afraid to use it up; for those of you that don’t shoot, an afternoon of ‘plinking’ (shooting empty cans) can easily expend a few hundred rounds of .22. Now, the memories that I had as a kid, shooting soda cans in the woods aren’t something I can easily pass on to my son.

At least with the centerfire ammunition, I can reload it. Primers? Powder? Bullets? Those will dry up (if they haven’t already).

The ship has sailed, and we may have missed it.


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